Striped Bass

Striped bass can live up to 30 years, growing up to five feet in length and up to 77 pounds. Their size depends on where they live. The females are sexually mature at four to eight years and males at two to four years. In the spring, striped bass migrate to fresh or brackish water to spawn. As they develop, the fertilized eggs drift downstream and hatch into larvae, which feed on zooplankton. Juveniles typically live in estuaries for two to four years and then head out to sea. Some striped bass spend their entire lives in rivers and coastal estuaries. Mature adults feed on other fish, as well as crabs and squid

Striped bass is so popular on the U.S. Atlantic coast that it’s the state fish in seven states. They live along the coast from the St. Lawrence River in Canada to Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. Like salmon, striped bass are anadromous, meaning they live in the ocean but return to freshwater to spawn.

As their name suggests, these bass have seven to eight stripes running down the sides of their bodies. Their colour ranges from light green and olive to brown and black, but with a white or silver iridescent belly. They have stout bodies and can grow as large as 70 pounds. The fish is prized for its delicate sweet flavour.


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