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Thursday, 31 May 2018 11:57

Simrad GO12 XSE Combo w/TotalScan Transducer

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The affordable GO12 XSE and GO7 XSR  multitouch chartplotters from Simrad sport a restyled, glass-helm design and feature radar compatibility not previously available. Their super-bright displays and easy-to-use interface boast pinch-to-zoom or tap-and-drag to pan smoothly across charts. Compatible with Simrad Broadband 3G/4G and Halo Radar systems, the new GO12 XSE and GO7 XSR units also include internal GPS receivers, StructureScan HD and CHIRP sonar, autopilot integration, engine-data monitoring, plus connectivity with SonicHub2, SiriusXM weather/radio, and much more.

Product description

GO12 XSE Combo with TotalScan Transducer

Easy to Use Multi-Touch Display


The GO series offers true ease of use with intuitive touchscreen controls that smartphone and tablet users will find instantly familiar. Customise your home screen with the features you use most, and see everything you need on screen at once with adjustable split-screen views.

Chartplotter Navigation & Waypoint Management

Simrad GO series displays are full-featured chartplotters with support for a wide range of cartography options including C-MAP®, Navionics®, C-MAP Genesis®, and NV Digital® Charts. Mark waypoints with a simple touch, and assign meaningful names that make them easy to find on your next trip.

Find fish with CHIRP & StructureScan® HD sidescan imaging

Add a suitable transducer and your GO series display works as a powerful fishfinder, complete with CHIRP technology for clear detection of fish throughout the water column. Add an HDI or TotalScan transducer, and your display also offers StructureScan HD sidescan imaging for a picture-like view of fish-holding structure beneath and around your boat.

Expand Your View with a Simrad Radar Solution

The Simrad GO12 XSE is a full-featured radar display with plug-and-play connectivity to Simrad Broadband 3G™, Broadband 4G™, and Halo™ Pulse Compression radar systems. Cruise confidently through crowded harbours, navigate safely in poor visibility, keep an eye on distant weather cells, and find flocks of feeding birds that hint at good fishing spots. Automatic tuning helps to provide a clear radar picture in any conditions, while radar overlay combines radar data with navigational charts for an easy-to-interpret view of your surroundings.

Easier Navigation with Automatic Routing

Automatic routing brings the convenience of in-car navigation to boating, helping

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