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Wednesday, 25 April 2018 06:08

''New Jersey Freshwater Fishing License Guide''

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If you are in NJ and you don't go fishing, you lose. If you are an angler and you are not in NJ, well then you lose again. With so many great places and opportunities for the right catch, New Jersey is a must destination for everybody who likes fishing. To be able to live this unique experience you will need a registration. However, freshwater fishing in NJ starts with a license.


For saltwater fishing in New Jersey, the only thing you need is a free online registration. The registry is not a license, there is no saltwater license in NJ. The registry though is critical because it will offer assistance for anglers and policymakers to work together in a better way for the commitments and impacts of saltwater fishermen on sea environments and coastal economies. Solid information will help fishermen, fisheries directors and other partners in their combined endeavors to viable and reasonably set the rules that will guarantee the long-term maintainability of recreational angling.


Well, for freshwater fishing, however, you have to obtain a state fishing license. The cost depends on your status. So who needs to register? Basically, everyone that is older than 16 years old and less than 70 years old. Even if you are a fisherman with a valid license from another state you will have (without cost) to register. Anyone that lives in NJ, with more than 6 months citizenship get a discount on their fishing license.

Fishing license prices :

- Annual resident fishing license: $22.50

- Annual resident trout stamp: $10.50

- Annual saltwater registration: It's free, although requires an annual update.

- Annual friend license: $11.75 to refer a friend of yours.


NJ citizens who refer a friend in to buy their license, get 50% discount for their first year. This offer applies to citizens who never had an NJ fishing license. The $11.75 price is for NJ citizens only. You can still help a friend from another state, but the price is $17.50. Fellow fishermen from other states have the ability of just 2 or 7 days fishing license.

Non-resident fishing license prices:

- Annual license: $34.00

- Trout stamp: $20.00

- 2-day vacation license: $9.00

- 7-day vacation license: $19.50

- Non-resident friend license: $17.50 for one or more friends.

What documents do I need to arrange a registration?

If you are an individual angler you'll require the final four digits of your social security number, name, date of birth, address, and your phone number. If you wish to register as an owner of a vessel you will need additionally, either the U.S. coast guard documentation number or the registration number and state of the Vessel you are registering alongside with vessel's name. If you do not have an SSN, you will be considered a non-U.S resident, therefore you will be able to proceed with your passport and country of origin. You can get your fishing license online or you can buy from the agents who are selling hunting and fishing licenses.


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So, if you will go for a saltwater registration or you decide to obtain a freshwater fishing license you should always respect  and follow regulations, to maintain the balance and protect your sport. Sport? Well, it's a lifestyle after all.


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