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Monday, 23 April 2018 23:31

''Into the Blue, Fishing in Florida''

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The migration already started, but the cool waters of Brevard County kept loads of Bluefish longer. There are several spots you can find them. With the right gear, it can be really easy catch although you must be cautious when you get one.


Bluefish also are known as Gator or Snapper, are usually caught from beaches, docks, and jetties. During the year you can find them in several parts of Florida and in the Fall they do migrate south. Bluefish near Florida are typically 3 to 12 lb and mostly between 20 and 25 inches long, with a maximum size of 45 inches and 30 lb.


Adult bluefish are powerful, aggressive and fast. You have to be cautious, their jaws are strong and their teeth are really sharp. A lot of people have been seriously injured, so wearing gloves is a must.

Although bluefish is a delicious meal, you can use them alternative as bait for billfish and tuna.


Fishing Spots in Brevard County:

- Port Canaveral

- Lake Loughman

- Mosquito Lagoon

- Melbourne

- Lake Sawgrass

- Lake Poinsett

- Haulover Canal

- Cocoa Beach Pier

- Lake Washington

- Lake Winder


Bluefish is a strong, quick prey that always is pulled from a fresh bait. They have great vision in the water and can identify even stable objects. With two or more beach ledgering fishing rods we get more chances to identify the moving zones of the bluefish in short period of time. As I mentioned before they are tough fighters so it is important to use heavy monofilament leader, over 20 lb with cut bait on a lightweight spinning tackle. Although the big secret is how we use the bait. You have to pass it through the body of the fish and not from inside the eye or head as most people do.

beach ledgering fishing rods

 It is a very relaxing, pleasant and relatively easy fishing. Bluefish is a worthy opponent that doesn't let go easily, even if you lose some of the fights against it, definitely will give you the thrill, the experience and a good lesson for your next targets.



Minimum size limit: 12? fork length.

Daily Bag Limit: 10 per harvester per day.

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